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SAP Business Information Warehouse (BW)

Business Information Warehouse (sometimes shortened to “Business Warehouse” or BW) is a packaged, comprehensive business intelligence product centered around a data warehouse that is optimized for (but not limited to) the R/3 environment from SAP.

Like most data warehouses, BW is a combination of databases and database management tools that are used to support management decision making. BW supplies the infrastructure typical of data warehouses, but also includes preconfigured data extractors, analysis and report tools, and business process models. Among the other features of BW are: Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPIs) that enable connections to non-R/3 applications; preconfigured business content; an integrated OLAP processor; automated data extraction and loading routines; a metadata repository; administrative tools; multiple language support; and Business Explorer, a Web-based user interface. SAP Business Warehouse is an integral component of the company’s mySAP Business Intelligence group of products.